Link to Eagle Firearms Training

1. All weapons brought onto the Club property will be carried in a safe manner, unloaded, with the actions open, and safeties engaged.


2. All handguns designed for handgun cartridges may be used at the range (including 44 Magnum caliber). No center-fire rifles, shotguns, black powder, or fully automatic weapons are allowed.


3. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises. Anyone displaying behavior consistent with the use of alcoholic beverages or other medications will not be allowed on the range.


4. No smoking, eating or drinking is permitted in the shooting area.


5. All persons entering the Range must check in with the Range Officer.


6. Only shooters are allowed on the range area. Observers are not permitted.


7. All shooters must wear eye and hearing protection devices (EARMUFFS) in the shooting area (earplugs alone are NOT satisfactory).


8. No person under the age of 18 years will be allowed to shoot without the immediate supervision of an adult.


9. Children less than four feet in height will not be allowed in the shooting area.


10. No horseplay, running or games will be allowed in the shooting area.


11. The Air-lock doors must remain closed for the safety and comfort of those persons in the Lobby area.


12. For safety reasons, all shooting must be done from within the individual shooting booths (firing points).


13. All firearms will remain pointed down-range.


14. Anyone waiting to shoot will keep their handguns encased or “Safe” as described earlier. Shoulder weapons will be placed in the available rifle rack in the Lobby area.


15. For safety reasons, conversations between shooters are discouraged on the firing line.


16. If shooters wish to talk while on the firing line, their weapons will first be made safe: magazines removed, slides back, cylinders open.


17. Any cartridge cases that fall forward of the firing line will become the property of the range. NO person shall go forward of the firing line to retrieve brass.


18. In the event that personal property other than brass falls in front of the firing booth, the shooter will report the event to the Range Officer for assistance.


19. An electronic eye device is located in front of the shooting booths to prevent shooters from moving forward of the firing line. In the event that a person does move forward and interrupts the electronic beam, an alarm sounds and the entire range automatically shuts down.


20. The Club will assume no responsibility for any damage or other problems resulting from the use of hand loaded ammunition. Hand loaded ammunition loaded in excess of safe factory ammunition specifications will not be allowed on the range.


21. The Club will not be responsible for any weapons or ammunition brought onto the Club’s property. The Club shall not be held accountable for any mishandling of weapons brought onto the range nor for any damage resulting from the use of weapons and/or ammunition which is unsafe or defective. The range provided by the Club is to be used at the shooter’s own risk.


22. The cleaning of guns is not allowed in the Lobby or in the shooting area.